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Mobile Phone Recycling

Mobile phones are becoming an environmental problem, old and broken phones are discarded and thrown away that contain hazardous material, that harm health and the environment. We at recycle ICT will dispose any old handset and other technology equipment safely and environment friendly

When we buy a mobile phone, we already know it’s due to either break or becomes no longer in use in a matter of months.

Mobile phones have become fashion accessories amongst people of all age, and we don't necessarily think about how it is important to recycle these devices. Only a few people are aware that mobile phones contain some of the most toxic chemicals that can be found on the planet. Most of us just leave the mobile phones in a drawer or some other place, and chances are that they will be sent to trash at some time.

Mobile phones are made with lithium batteries and contain also Polymethyl -Methacrylate, polyoxymethelyne and brominated flame retardants, to name a few. All these chemicals and components of Mobile phones are either non-degradable or extremely damageable for the eco-systems.

Recycling mobile phones is extremely important, and it is a duty of us all to make sure we deal with a company that does an ethical mobile phone recycling.