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If you've got loads of old IT equipment laying around it could be the right time to conduct a Free IT Audit and get the recycling process underway. We offer our computer disposal and auditing service completely free of charge.

The recycling process gets underway with an initial count of all the main category items by weight. We make detailed records of all your items on the appropriate waste consignment paperwork, and we'll give you copies to retain, enabling you can meet all your legal responsibilities.

Once your redundant IT items arrive at our secure processing centre, we'll check, record and sort your items in a timely fashion. At this stage we perform a full and detailed audit, which involves capturing as much information as we can through bar code scanning.

We aim to record and sort all new consignments within 72 hours of receipt into our processing centre. Our secure staff will ensure a fast effective service where you will receive a full asset report ready for your inspection.

Any other items that we receive without asset numbers are accumulated, weighed and logged onto the Free IT Audit report. These include items such as keyboards, mice and cables.

Details of reports includes: