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Hard drive destruction

Concerns faced from organisations whether you are a bank, local police authority, NHS, local school or small business when disposing redundant it equipment is the removal and destruction of personal and sensitive data. It is imperative that businesses and organisations ensure that data destruction process are in place prior to disposal of computers and laptops.

Recycle ict not only ensures 0%of our customers IT equipment ends up in landfills as waste, but also carry out on site hard drive destruction to give you as a customer added security.

How we destroy hard drives

The hard drive crusher (HDC) ensures that your confidential information remains confidential by destroying it permanently.

Our hard drive destroyer will ensure permanent destruction so that sensitive information can never recover again. We can crush up to 150 disks a hour, the destroyer we use drills through the hard drive spindles and physically creates ripples in the platters making it impossible to recover.

It is much simpliar and faster to use the the HDC than it is to re format a disk or use a degaussing.

Recycle ICT will deploy vetted drivers and security officers to your premises who are trained to carry out destruction of hard drives. You will be able to witness the whole process and destruction of each hard drive with our portable machine, and on completion we will issue and certificate of destruction.

a edr crusher is approved and certified by CCTM