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Business electronics are being illegally exported to the developing world rather than being managed through the WEEE system



The biggest investigation ever conducted into illegal electrical waste exports from the UK to West Africa has resulted in charges against nine people.







Welcome to Recycle ICT



Welcome to recycle ICT, we are west midlands based company targeting customers nationwide, the concept behind recycle ICT was created to help the environment and businesses adhere to safe recycling.  Recycle ICT provides solutions to corporations, including blue-chip companies and major multinationals, as well as local authorities, central governmentdepartments and educational institutions. 

Recycle ICT provides a professional approach to recycling solutions for redundant


computers, telecoms and electrical/ electronics.


  • Helpful, professional support staff
  • Cost efficient service with pre-arranged booking
  • Invoicing prior to collection.
  • Uniformed staff, trained to handle/ process waste computers
  • Vehicles licence for the transportation of hazardous Computer related waste
  • Data destruction Services






Onsite audits


Free Collections and logistics


Equipment auditing including asset reports


Equipment refurbishment and remarketing


Equipment refurbishment, management and redeployment


Data erasing




On-site Hard Drive Destruction





                                                   0845 3888 756